About us

Netlabs is a specialized provider in the design of advanced solutions in Technology. Netlabs has years worth of experience in the development of solutions for various types of Internet and mobile telephony providers, financial institutions, corporations and IT companies in the local and the international market.

Netlabs has solid Partners that are incorporated to its team for each service in areas of knowledge and technology that are not within its specialization verticals.

Thanks to the expertise degree in Linux and ongoing focus on specialization, RedHat Inc. has selected Netlabs as its main partner in Uruguay for proof of concept implementation for its latest technologies.
Quick implementation, low overhead, vast experience, extensive technical support, and capacity to establish strategic alliances, are factors that make the difference to ensure success in the industry.

To develop technological solutions required by customers and the market, driving the transforming power impelled by computer networks in modern society.

To act as partners with the customers to identify business opportunities and their technological viability.

About us


  • Quality services
  • Innovation, constant renewal
  • Proactive in the search for improvements
  • Adaptation to technological developments
  • Value proposition, worthwhile projects, sustainable for customers
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to understand platforms at low and high level
  • Quick troubleshooting



Netlabs protects its customers by providing a team with a solid background in the development of products and services as well as constant software updates, technology and access to the latest software versions.