Pablo Casal

Pablo Casal

Founder - Managing Director

Pablo has over 20 years’ experience in the IT area.

As the Managing Director and founder of Netlabs, he oversees the operations and the achievement of the company’s business objectives. His main interest is researching new development techniques as well as analysing the latest trends in software and technology markets.

Pablo establishes the vision and strategic planning, along with the technological objectives, to produce value-added solutions. He focuses on customer satisfaction to ensure long-term relationships with them, and sees to the welfare of his team.

His passion for software led him to transform Netlabs into a development lab focused on creating high quality software. He enjoys playing the guitar, reading and travelling in his spare time.

Ricardo Medina

Ricardo Medina

Partner - Infrastructure Manager

Ricardo is a professional with vast experience in the IT area and especially in the management of IT infrastructure, including network management, servers and operating systems.

Prior to 2010, the year in which he actively became a Partner in Netlabs, Ricardo led infrastructure projects in both private and public spheres. He currently manages multidisciplinary teams making the contributions needed to achieve success in all the company’s projects.

In addition to coordinating the implementation and monitoring of work plans, he identifies customer risks, challenges and opportunities. He is persistent and untiring to solve the contingencies that may arise. He enjoys playing the guitar, travelling, aero modelling and machining in his spare time.

Juan Pablo Olivera

Juan Pablo Olivera

Operations Manager

Juan Pablo has a Computer Engineering degree from Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

He has been responsible for the development and management of projects in Netlabs for over 4 years.  Juan Pablo leads the technical team and specializes in working under pressure, assuming commitment as the characteristic and mystique of the area.

He manages the implementation of processes and tools to efficiently achieve the company’s objectives, always in compliance with customer requirements.

He coordinates work plan implementation and programming.

All this defines him as an expert at harmonising business requirements, technological innovation and flexibility in order to achieve results.

Juan Pablo loves running marathons and travelling.