Development of Software

The capacity acquired over the years of experience allows Netlabs to understand customers’ needs, which are the force that impels the development of software combining great functionality with the simplicity of unified management.

Solutions include a wide range of platforms with multiple services and specific VAS applications that contribute to customers’ fast and cost effective service launch, adding value and innovation. Netlabs leads our customers to explore new services, finding other forms of income generation such as the development of quickly implemented solutions that will provide exponential benefits.


  • Immediate understanding of customer's requirements and needs
  • Fast implementation
  • Improved customer competitiveness and productivity
  • Creation of new business opportunities
  • Consolidation and strengthening of our customers' image

Netlabs also has extensive know-how in the area of Telecommunications, which comprises systems integration, protocols, prepaid platforms, provisioning and network appliances.

The skill achieved in handling large volumes of data through the resolution of highly scalable and very important problems, as well as the development of highly complex applications, have guided Netlabs towards the "Big Data” world. As a result, Netlabs designs applications that enable the exploration of large amounts of data, simplifying their analysis and finding relevant information that will allow the customer to make strategic decisions.

Netlabs’ flexibility in the market contributes with its competitiveness, as well as providing advantages such as knowledge management and a more optimal demand, continuously improving the quality of their products and services, making them efficient and profitable.

The integrity, security, ease of use, accuracy and ease of maintenance are valuable indicators when measuring the success of our solutions.

Technical background

Netlabs has a group of professionals with experience in developing multiple platforms, using different programming languages, emphasizing both efficiency and versatility.

Programming areas in which Netlabs has experience include: integration of heterogeneous infrastructures, business rules managing systems, authentication, authorization and accounting servers (AAA), high availability systems, protocol implementation, data and mobile VAS (value added services) platform security.

It is based on functional modern and scalable frameworks above JEE traditional solutions. We develop high performance applications with low resource consumption, using modern technology and standards to achieve large-scale solutions.

The technical team also has expertise in all types of UNIX platforms; however, Linux was selected as one of our main work platforms due to its:

  • Reliability and safety
  • Versatility
  • High performance
  • Open Source

The Netlabs team is continually training in new technologies, focusing on the study of all matters relating to network programming, from drivers to networking libraries.