Service Modalities

Netlabs deals with the implementation, commissioning, maintenance and ongoing improvement of our services.

Specialized Consultancy Services

Netlabs provides comprehensive advice, especially on networks and Linux, either to study growth opportunities, analyze anomalous situations, research new technologies or for other requirements of specialized know-how.

Vast market experience indicates that companies visualize the increase in technological infrastructure as a major drawback. To address these needs, Netlabs has a team of trained and skilled professionals to assist customers in planning medium- and long-term growth of their infrastructure.

The Netlabs' premise is to satisfy customer requirements and anticipate their business needs, delivering quality service through technological innovation and continuous improvement of its solutions and services.


Netlabs is responsible for maintaining the daily operation and support of the software used by the customer.
We offer a quick recovery in case of incidents so as to assure proper functioning of the systems.

This is a reactive service that starts up in response to a claim made by the customer through previously established processes or alarms.

The Netlabs support team follows specially designed work procedures.


Netlabs proactively performs tasks to assure that the systems running on servers keep operating in top condition. This includes applying updates and scheduled topology and software changes mainly aimed at maintaining system security.

Work methodology is adapted to the reality of each company.

Netlabs has different levels of service that combine preventive work plans and assured response time to incidents.

They include:

  • Periodical preventive assessments
  • Deployment of monitoring systems
  • Complete configuration of Java platforms, routers, firewalls and network infrastructure in general
  • Virtualization, cloud, automation, provisioning, storage, Linux
  • On-site or remote troubleshooting

Netlabs has staff trained to provide services that will boost business performance and allow a competitive edge that demonstrates its value.