Red Hat

Ir order to complement its portfolio of solutions, Netlabs has become the leading Red Hat provider in Uruguay, offering their business, technology and industry knowledge in addition to its expertise in solutions.

Get advice for their obsolete subscriptions or to maximize the potential of the already acquired tools: you will be assisted on deployment, migration and consulting.

  • RedHat Middleware Solutions in which Netlabs is experienced:
    • JBoss EAP (Java Enterprise Application Platform)
    • JBoss A-MQ (distributed and scalable JMS queue)
    • JBoss FUSE (SOA - service oriented architecture) ESB (enterprise service bus)
    • JBoss BRMS (Business Rule Management System)

Netlabs’ flexibility in the market contributes with its competitiveness, as well as providing advantages such as knowledge management and a more optimal demand, continuously improving the quality of their products and services, making them efficient and profitable.

The integrity (security), ease of use, accuracy and ease of maintenance are valuable indicators when measuring the success of our solutions.