Service Flows

Editor mobile service

A tool for flexible and intuitive application that converts ideas ready for launch services.

ServiceFlows is a tool that enables the design of services and / or products through simple interfaces - via SMS and / or USSD - as well as the implementation of these quickly, through a platform specially developed for this purpose, customizable character . It supports large numbers of users.

It has a library service, which keeps track of them, can retrieve, copy and reuse, besides having wide variety of processes for the customer to interact with your business and have a global view of it.

Serviceflows allows authorized users to generate and compile the code simply required by the simple use of the tool, without the need for training in programming.

It is broken down into two applications: a backend to offer service and a web tool that allows you to define them.

It is a scalable, easily deployable, able to manage the products or services your company avoiding risks and high costs of implementation.


  • Generation , compilation and validation of flows
  • SMS Gateway for integration with messaging and USSD centers via M3UA
  • Own web backend execution and specification tool flows
  • Edit and create users with specific permissions
  • XML export and import
  • Configuration parameters and variables referencing
  • Backend independent Web
  • Invoking HTTP GET / POST
  • Discrimination based on the content of the message
  • Assessment conditions
  • Services log

Benefits :

  • Minimum time to market : days or hours.
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fast execution
  • Development and implementation quick and easy : configuration states across the web
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Customizable
  • Optimizing profitability: single platform for unlimited services
  • It supports large number of users with different permissions
  • Registering and editing services created
  • Tolerance temporary drop in the database
  • Interoperability between systems