What Neil Patel Says About Netlabs

What was the problem that needed to have addressed and why?

We need 24/7 monitoring for our SAAS app. And more importantly we need a team who can fix issues as they arise as we have a global audience.

Neil Pattel Ubbersuggest

- Why you chose Netlabs over other firms:

I was first recommended to them because of their competitive pricing and high quality of work as well as reliability. The team is always avaliable 24/7.

Netlabs has been a game changer for our SAAS app. Not only have they improved our up time and availability, they usually spot and solve issues before anyone else

The overall experience has been amazing. I don't have to bug the team or give them orders, they are very proactive and don't need to be managed.

Very easy. I have used them for over a year now and I will continue using them for many years to come.

Unlike most companies, Netlabs solves problems in a timeline fashion and they don't need to be micromanaged.

  1. When I first started working with them I was afraid there may be language issues, but there hasn't been. There are no communication mishaps or issues that have come about since I started work with them. They actually helped improve communication by documenting everything on our development side and providing specific details when something goes wrong.
  2. They adapt very fast and on the fly. What's beautiful is that they communicate with my developers and adapt as we adjust our code.
  3. Before I started working with Netlabs our app was down upwards of a half a day a month. Now, it's rare that we are even down a minute in any given month.
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