Amazon Personalize.

Create real-time personalized user experiences faster at scale.

Case study: products recommendation system for LOi ecommerce.

Clients obtain more effective product recommendations according to personal profile.


Open Source Boutique Company with more than 20 years of experience, specialized In DevOps, Big Data/AI, SRE/Cloud and High Performance Scalable Systems for e-government, telco and tech startups.


LOi is the most important uruguayan online retail store, with more than 15 years of experience bringing all kinds of products to customers all across the country.


  • Analysing data to understand what is needed to make a good recommendation.
  • Building data pipelines to get to get last users interactions.

Keys to success

  • Using Amazon Personalize, AWS Glue and Amazon SageMaker.
  • Automated data ingestion and model building.
  • Collaborative work of Netlabs and LOi for understanding systems needs.


  • ML system for personalised products recommendations with up-to-date users interactions.
  • Better user experience at LOi ecommerce.

Want to know more?

Download LOi + Netlabs case study here, and learn all the details of this successful case.


Amazon Personalize enables developers to build applications with the same machine learning (ML) technology used by for real-time personalized recommendations – no ML expertise required.
Personalize makes it easy for developers to build applications capable of delivering a wide array of personalization experiences, including specific product recommendations, personalized product re-ranking, and customized direct marketing. Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that goes beyond rigid, static rule-based recommendation systems and trains, tunes, and deploys custom ML models to deliver highly customized recommendations to customers across industries such as retail and media and entertainment.
Amazon Personalize provisions the necessary infrastructure and manages the entire ML pipeline, including processing the data, identifying features, using the best algorithms, and training, optimizing, and hosting the models. You will receive results via an Application Programming Interface (API) and only pay for what you use, with no minimum fees or upfront commitments. All data is encrypted to be private and secure, and is only used to create recommendations for your users.

Deliver high quality recommendations, in real-time

The ML algorithms used by Amazon Personalize create higher quality recommendations that respond to the specific needs, preferences, and changing behavior of your users, improving engagement and conversion. They are also designed to address complex problems such as creating recommendations for new users, products, and content with no historical data.

Easily implement personalized recommendations in days, not months

With Amazon Personalize, you can implement a customized personalization recommendation system, powered by ML, in just a few clicks without the burden of building, training, and deploying a “do it yourself” ML solution.

Personalize every touchpoint along the customer journey

Amazon Personalize easily integrates into your existing websites, apps, SMS, and email marketing systems to provide a unique customer experience across all channels and devices, eliminating high infrastructure or resource costs. Amazon Personalize provides flexibility for you to use real-time or batch recommendations based on what is most appropriate for your use case, enabling you to deliver a wide variety of personalized experiences to customers at scale.

Data privacy and security

All of your data is encrypted to be private and secure, and is only used to create recommendations for your customers. Data is not shared between customers or with You can also use one of your own AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys to gain more control over access to data you encrypt. AWS KMS enables you to maintain control over who can use your customer master keys and gain access to your encrypted data.

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