LOi + Netlabs Case Study

Critical infrastructure optimization for fast-growing startup using Amazon.


Open Source Boutique Company with more than 20 years of experience, specialized In DevOps, Big Data/AI, SRE/Cloud and High Performance Scalable Systems for e-government, telco and tech startups.


LOi is the most important uruguayan online retail store, with more than 15 years of experience bringing all kinds of products to customers all across the country.


  • Support LOi's users growth keeping a simple and inexpensive infrastructure.
  • Make sure their systems are highly available even in high-traffic promotions.
  • Stabilize and secure their infrastructure.

Keys to success

  • Optimization of databases and servers for the developed system.
  • Collaborative work of Netlabs and LOi for pushing forward necessary infrastructure improvements.


  • High eCommerce site availability and reliability
  • Steady growth keeping costs under control.
  • Capacities generation for permanent infrastructure maintenance at low costs.

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Download LOi + RDS + Netlabs case study here, and learn all the details of this successful case.

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